At Viship Logistics, we offer comprehensive freight forwarding services tailored to meet your cargo transportation needs across air, ocean, and road freight channels.

Air Freight

Ocean Freight

Road Freight

Air Freight

Working with Viship Logistics Ltd as broker and freight forwarder when shipping goods via air freight brings several notable advantages. Both our broker and freight forwarder expertise play critical roles in the logistics chain, helping to optimize the shipping process, manage paperwork and compliance, and enhance overall efficiency. Here’s we contribute to the advantages of using air freight:

Customs Broker

Viship Logistics, particularly as customs broker, specializes in navigating the complex landscape of international trade regulations. Their expertise primarily benefits air freight in the following ways:

Customs Clearance

Viship ensure that all goods comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of the country of origin and the destination. This helps in avoiding delays, fines, or confiscation of goods due to non-compliance.

Documentation Expertise

We manage necessary documents like bills of lading, commercial invoices, and import/export licenses. Accurate paperwork is crucial for speedy clearance at customs.

Cost Efficiency

By understanding tariff codes and taxes,Viship can often suggest the most cost-effective ways to ship goods, including how to benefit from trade agreements and duty reliefs.

Problem Resolution

Viship Logisitcs act as liaisons between the shipper and customs authorities. We can handle disputes or issues that arise during the customs process, facilitating smoother operations.

Freight Forwarding Services

Viship expertise in Freight forwarding arrange the actual movement of goods. We are logistic experts who streamline the shipping process using their network and knowledge, especially beneficial in air freight for:

Multi-modal Transport Solutions

We can integrate various transport solutions, combining air freight with road or sea transport as needed, ensuring that the goods reach their final destination efficiently after landing.

Space Allocation

Viship often have pre-allocated space with airlines, which can be particularly advantageous during peak seasons or when capacity is tight.

Warehousing and Distribution

We provide warehousing options which are essential for managing goods before and after flights, especially for just-in-time supply chains.

Global Network

We usually have a vast network of agents and partners around the world, enabling smoother transitions across different regions and reducing the risk of delays.

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

By consolidating shipments and negotiating better freight rates, forwarders can reduce shipping costs. Our expertise also saves time by handling all logistical aspects, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Combined Benefits

When you work with Viship Logistics as a customs broker and a freight forwarder, you harness a full spectrum of logistics services that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of air freight shipping:

Seamless Integration

Both parties work together to ensure that every stage from pick-up to delivery is managed seamlessly, addressing both the physical and administrative aspects of shipping.

Compliance and Speed

With Viship ensuring compliance and the freight forwarder managing the actual transportation, goods are moved quickly and within legal frameworks.

Customized Solutions

Depending on your specific needs, both can offer tailored solutions that address unique challenges, whether it’s a need for faster delivery times, handling of perishable goods, or cost constraints.

Engaging Viship Logistics Ltd as a broker and a freight forwarder when utilizing air freight not only simplifies the process but can lead to significant strategic advantages in global trade.

Ocean Freight

Working with Viship Logistics Ltd as broker and a freight forwarder offers several advantages when managing ocean freight. Our professionals play crucial roles in the logistics industry by facilitating smooth international shipping operations. Here’s a closer look at the benefits we bring:

Expertise in Logistics

Viship Logistics Ltd as Broker and Freight Forwarder have specialized knowledge in the complexities of global trade, including regulations, documentation, and the best shipping routes.

We keep up-to-date with international trade laws and changes in shipping protocols, helping to avoid costly errors or delays.

Cost Efficiency

We have established relationships with shipping lines and can negotiate better rates than an individual shipper might obtain independently.

Our ability to consolidate shipments can lead to lower costs through shared container spaces.

Simplified Communication

By acting as a single point of contact, Viship as broker and forwarder reduce the complexity of dealing with multiple parties, including carriers and customs officials.

We manage communication across different time zones and languages, which can be a significant barrier in international shipping.

Customs and Compliance

Navigating the maze of customs documentation and procedures is one of our key roles. We ensure that all paperwork is correctly filled out, submitted on time, and in compliance with all relevant laws.

We can often expedite customs clearance and handle any issues that arise with customs officials.

Risk Management

Viship Logistics Ltd as Freight forwarder and broker offer advice on insurance needs and options to protect against loss or damage during transit.

We can also provide real-time tracking and updates, allowing for proactive management of any risks associated with the transportation of goods.

Flexibility and Scalability

Whether scaling operations up or down, We can adjust logistics needs to match business demands without any lapses in efficiency or increases in cost.

Road Freight

For domestic transportation or cross-border logistics, our road freight services provide seamless solutions to move your cargo efficiently via road networks. With a fleet of modern vehicles and experienced drivers, we ensure secure and timely delivery of your goods to their destination.

Global Network

With agents strategically located in key trade hubs including China, South Africa, England, France, Madagascar, Seychelles, Dubai, and Brazil, we offer a global network of support to facilitate smooth and efficient logistics operations. Our agents provide resourcing services, assisting you in sourcing products and facilitating imports, ensuring a seamless supply chain process from origin to destination.

Customs Clearance and Handling

Customs Information

Import and Export Regulations: Provide information on customs regulations, tariffs, duties, and compliance requirements for different countries or regions.

  • Documentation Requirements: Explain the necessary documentation for importing and exporting goods.
  • The importation of any goods requires the importer to complete Customs Formalities. These formalities include the submission of a Customs Declaration, commonly known as the Bill of Entry (BOE), electronically through the TradeNet giving all details of the goods imported, such as the quantity, value and precise nature of the goods (description of goods with specifications such as Model no, Ref no, Brand , Country of origin, etc
  • In addition to the BOE (Customs Declaration), trade documents such as invoices, bills of lading (Packing list , Certificate of Origin) , permits or other documents accompanying the import (consignment) should also be scanned and submitted electronically.
    Upon receival of the mentioned document the amount of Customs Duty & taxes (if any) to be paid will be advise by us which can also be view on the website in the -CUSTOMS-QUICKLINKS-INTEGRATTED TARRIF.
  • Once submitted the customs declaration is validated by customs (Customs Management System and BOE no is allotted to that Declaration) and a message is sent back (a Customs Response is sent to the declarant informing that the Customs Declaration has been accepted at Customs) to the declarant and payment of customs charges (duty & taxes), if any, is effected.

The BOE is then processed at the Compliance Section whereby after checking the documents, the compliance officer may:

  • Release the goods.
  • Require clarifications about documents submitted (Put the BOE under query if any additional information is required).
  • Withhold delivery of goods if any until necessary clearance by other Govt agencies e.g Health Dept, M.O.A etc or approval of any exemption is fulfilled
  • Send BOE to Valuation unit for confirmation of declared value.
  • Send the declaration for verification (by an Examining Officer).
  • Send the Consignment for scanning

We deliver the knowledge & opportunity to optimize every mile on every lane. Get full-service Truckload division provide more options to manage costs by combining technology intelligence.

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